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about ias

The International Atherosclerosis Society (IAS) is a federation of member organizations worldwide whose basic missions are to promote the scientific understanding of the etiology, prevention, and treatment of atherosclerosis.

The IAS exists to coordinate the exchange of scientific information among the constituent societies, to foster research into the development of atherosclerosis, and to help translate this knowledge into improving the effectiveness of programs designed to prevent and treat this disease.

The IAS endeavors to achieve these objectives by:

  • Promoting the exchange of existing knowledge
  • Encouraging and supporting funding for new research ventures and interdisciplinary approaches
  • Establishing visiting fellowships for young investigators
  • Fostering the dissemination of knowledge by organizing international symposia, workshops, courses, meetings
  • Maintaining an effective website
  • Interacting with other organizations with similar objectives

For more information on the International Atherosclerosis Society, please visit the society website: