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Elena Aikawa Harvard Medical School USA
William Virgil Brown Emory University School of Medicine USA
Alberico L. Catapano University Of Milan Italy
John Chapman INSERM France
Myron Cybulsky Toronto General Hospital Research Institute Canada
Alan Daugherty Gill Foundation University of Kentucky USA
Jean-Pierre Despres Laval University Canada
Daniel Drucker University of Toronto Canada
Michael Farkouh University of Toronto, University Health Network, Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael’s Hospital Canada
Ross Feldman University of Manitoba Canada
Edward Fisher NYU School of Medicine USA
Gordon Francis University of British Columbia  Canada
Valentin Fuster Icahn School of Medicine USA
Daniel Gaudet University of Montreal Canada
Jacques Genest McGill University Canada
Sam Gidding Nemours Cardiac Center USA
Henry Ginsberg Columbia University USA
Robert Gros University of Western Ontario Canada
Catherine C. Hedrick La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology USA
Kees Hovingh University of Amsterdam The Netherlands
Murray Huff University of Western Ontario Canada
David Jenkins University of Toronto Canada
John Kastelein University of Amsterdam The Netherlands
Marlys Koschinsky Robarts Research Institute Canada
Guillaume Lettre University of Montreal Canada
Gary Lewis University of Toronto Canada
Peter Libby Harvard Medical School USA
Peter Liu University of Ottawa Canada
Ruth McPherson University of Ottawa USA
Kathryn Moore New York University Medical Center USA
Steven Nissen Chair, Cardiovascular Medicine, Cleveland Clinic USA
Borge Nordestgaard University of Copenhagen Denmark
Geoffrey Pickering The University of Western Ontario Canada
Daniel Rader University of Pennsylvania USA
Paolo Raggi University of Alberta Canada
Kausik Ray Imperial College, London United Kingdom
Chantelle Richmond The University of Western Ontario Canada
Paul Ridker Harvard Medical School USA
Robert Rosenson Professor of Medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine USA
Jennifer Robinson University of Iowa USA
Raul Santos University of Sao Paulo Brazil
Ernst Schaefer Tufts University USA
Nabil Seidah University of Montreal Canada
William Sessa Professor, Department of Medicine, Yale University USA
Filip Swirski Massachusetts General Hospital USA
Rhian Touyz University of Glasgow UK
Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen University of Copenhagen Denmark
Renu Virmani University of Maryland-Baltimore USA
Gerald Watts The University of Western Australia Australia
Christian Weber University Hospital Munich Germany
Jeffrey Weitz McMaster University Canada
Joseph Witztum UC San Diego School of Medicine USA
Thomas Wolever University of Toronto Canada
Salim Yusuf McMaster University Canada